9 December 2021

Why Buy Used Gearboxes?

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Used marine gearboxes

Purchasing a reconditioned gearbox is a cost-effective process which can lead to great savings for an organization. It is important to remember that obtaining lower priced, used gearboxes does not equate to lower quality. The size required and the intended use of the gearbox should be clear before making any purchase.

Used marine gearboxes

What to look for

It is important to be clear what the role of the gearbox will be, what capacity will be required so as to purchase the correct equipment for the job. The quality and durability of the equipment will be very important as failures can lead to ‘down-time’ which can result in large problems and even losses for a business. Buy a trusted brand from a reputable vendor or engineer in order to reduce the chance of any unfortunate consequences.

Check-list when purchasing

If possible it is best to see the equipment operating. However, in the event this is not possible a detailed check of shaft seals and structural interfaces should be undertaken. Take advantage of any inspection ports to aid in examining the gearbox. Consulting an expert who will be able to provide advice may be a safe-way forward. A warranty, and any exceptions to it, should be discussed before any agreement to purchase is entered into.


Used gearboxes can provide benefits which are not available from brand new equipment. An example of this may be an upgraded performance and increased efficiency over the original specification. The purchase may be considered as an investment rather than a cost as it may lead to reduced maintenance costs, higher productivity and efficiency and even less power consumption. A quality gearbox will suffer lower wear levels and, in the longer-term, provide a more cost effective and productive outcome.

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