Used marine generator sets

Buying Used Marine Generators

Are you looking to buy or sell used marine generator sets? Then look no further. Our generators will give you value even when under a tight budget. We are an international wholesaler providing a market for the used parts, generator sets, diesel engines, and gearboxes. With our very experienced team, we can get you the marine generator sets of your choice when you need it and at the right price. Buying a used, but well maintained generator from us will saving you time and money. We have generator sets available from several different brands and of several known models. Also, the generators differ in the power output from the various available brands.

Used marine generator sets

Why You Should Work With Us

We make sure to provide our customers with high-quality marine generator sets as we monitor the world market continuously, ensuring we get the best. Systematic inspections and test runs are performed on every acquired engine to make sure they run correctly. In case of any problems with the engine set, we have a workshop where the required repairs are done to restore it to a perfect working condition.

Maintenance Services

Our team of highly skilled and qualified engineers takes outstanding care of the used marine generator sets by performing maintenance checks regularly. They perform different maintenance levels ranging from standard patch-ups to complete rebuilds of the used generator sets. This ensures customers get excellent running equipment.

Used marine generator sets

Since our goal is to be number one, we have a dedicated sales team that provides customers with all the advice they need about acquiring the best equipment in the market. This way, you are kept in the loop on how the market for your required equipment changes, making sure you take the best-used marine generator sets at the right prices.

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