Soil Nutrients: A Quick Guide

Soil nutrients are the food for your plants. They help plants thrive, survive harsh weather as well as resist diseases and pests. Below is a quick guide on the basics that you need to know about these nutrients.

Types of nutrients

Soil nutrients fall into two major categories, essential and non-essential. Essential nutrients are those that the plants must have; the plants will die without them. Non-essential nutrients, on the other hand, promote healthy plant growth, but their absence will not prevent the plant’s growth. It is, therefore, important that plants receive a sufficient supply of the essential nutrients.

Types of essential nutrients

Essential nutrients fall into two categories based on the quantity the plants need. Those that plants need in large quantities are macronutrients, while micronutrients are sufficient in only small amounts. They are also known as major and trace elements, respectively. The main macronutrients are nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, collectively referred to as NPK. Others are magnesium, calcium and sulphur. Trace elements include; iron, boron, copper, molybdenum and manganese.

Role of macronutrients

Nitrogen gives plants the energy to grow, helping with vegetative growth. Phosphorous promotes the development of roots and shoots, while Potassium is essential for flowering and fruit formation. Calcium supports cell membrane development. Magnesium helps in the production of chlorophyll and sulphur is critical for the production of different enzymes and proteins.

Role of micronutrients

Iron catalyses the formation of chlorophyll. Boron is necessary for photosynthesis, while copper, manganese and molybdenum promote enzyme activities. Therefore, even though plants use them in small quantities, the absence of micronutrients can be fatal to the plant’s survival.


soil nutrients

Often, soils do not have sufficient number of macronutrients making it necessary to use fertilisers and similar products. Some of the best soil nutrient boosting products are Soil Grow Nutrients and Soil Bloom Nutrients by BAC. Remember that fertilisers contain specific amounts of macronutrients. Therefore, if you are not sure of how much your soil needs, seek the help of an expert. Check BAC’s knowledge centre for more information on these products and others.

Top Used Marine Generator Sets for Sale

Used marine generator sets are like any mobile generator that either burns with gasoline or fuel. They come in different sizes and rated in the number of kilowatts of electrical current that each produces.

To have a current flow of all your electrical apparatus to work efficiently, you need to have a good marine generator on your boat or offshore oil rig. Below are some of our best-used marine generator sets.

Used marine generator sets

Three best marine generators


Whenever you want to depend on a generator as your power source or as a backup power source, Volvo Penta TD 120 AHC is the set to have. This generator will supply energy to essential functions without downtime and errors.

Key information

  • Governor: Mechanical
  • Starter: 1x24v
  • Turbo: Dry
  • Cooling system: H-e cooled


  • Voltage: 220
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Current: 275 A
  • Dimensions: L x W x H (cm) 250x100x150
  • Weight (kg) 1500


If you like enjoying the waters or navigating a commercial vessel on your boat, the Valmet 612 DSG generator can be the difference between being lost at sea or making it home safely. This generator is unique on its own since it has a longer lifespan due to lower burn temperatures.

Key information

  • Governor: Mechanical
  • Starter: 1 x 24v
  • Exhaust system: Water-cooled
  • Turbo: Dry
  • Cooling system: Radiator cooled


  • Voltage: 400V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Phase: 3
  • DIMENSIONS: L x W x H (cm) 205x115x145
  • Weight (kg) 1532


The Mitsubishi S6A PTA generators are known for their fuel-efficient engines. They have an original direct injection system and turbo engine that uses a minimum amount of fuel. This generator is ideal since it’s easy to maintain and durable.

Key information

  • Governor: Electronic
  • Starter: 1 x 24v
  • Exhaust system: Dry
  • Turbo: Dry
  • Cooling system Radiator: cooled


  • Voltage: 280 / 380v
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Amps: 455 / 790 a
  • Dimensions: L x W x H (cm) 300x130x160
  • Weight (kg) 3000

Parting words

The above used marine generator sets provide industrial power engines that are highly reliable and affordable. All are flexible, fuel-efficient and can be easily installed to provide peace of mind in your operations.

Luxury outdoor daybed

There are many reasons why you should get a luxury outdoor daybed. The main one being you can enjoy a poolside view or some quiet time in a secluded corner. Nature has a way of distressing you after a hectic day. You can easily unwind and even catch a quick nap on your daybed outside.

outdoor daybed

Types of Outdoor Daybeds

Some daybeds have sitting functions as well. It looks like a couch because of the seatback, but it is still a bed because of how spacious it is. You will be comfortable sitting as well as lying down. You will also find ones that have arms on the sides and ones that are entirely open.

Some of the outdoor beds have high railings and others low. The standard designs have high railings on the long sides and low railings on the shorter sides. All the types come in different colours, designs and fabrics. The one you choose will depend on your taste and preference.

Outdoor Daybed Ideas

You can place the bed on your poolside; it is always a nice place to relax and enjoy the view. It can also be in your garden or conservatory for some quiet alone time. You can also create a shade somewhere strategic specifically for the luxury outdoor daybed. The ideas of outdoor use are very many you can choose anyone you want. It can even be an instant and romantic gateaway on the patio.


Choosing the design and placement of the daybeds all come down to what you prefer. You can use them for their traditional uses, or you can find new ways. Ensure you are utilizing the furniture to its maximum to enjoy all the benefits.

Luxury Outdoor Daybed

Every day is a busy day. Modern life requires us to do a lot, and some of us are even busy during the weekends. Therefore, when you get time to relax, you should get the best out of it. What do you say about relaxing in a comfortable daybed in your garden? It sounds amazing. Here is all you should know about luxurious outdoor daybed.

Outdoor daybed

What to look out for


Ensure the daybed feels comfortable, and it comes with ergonomic pillows for even more comfort.


Since you will be using the bed outside, you need to ensure that it can withstand harsh weather as much as possible. Its steel should be coated, the leather should be of high quality, and it should be easy to clean.

Shape and Size

Buy a daybed that will effortlessly fit in your backyard. If you have a small backyard, buy a small daybed and vice versa. Ideally, measure the space intended for the daybed and buy something that fits the space.


Choose a daybed that matches the décor in your outdoor space.


Finally, draw a budget and buy an outdoor daybed that is within your budget. Don’t be fooled, though. The most expensive outdoor daybed is not always the best. Compare the above features and choose a daybed within your budget that suits you the most.

Why Buy Used Gearboxes?

Purchasing a reconditioned gearbox is a cost-effective process which can lead to great savings for an organization. It is important to remember that obtaining lower priced, used gearboxes does not equate to lower quality. The size required and the intended use of the gearbox should be clear before making any purchase.

Used marine gearboxes

What to look for

It is important to be clear what the role of the gearbox will be, what capacity will be required so as to purchase the correct equipment for the job. The quality and durability of the equipment will be very important as failures can lead to ‘down-time’ which can result in large problems and even losses for a business. Buy a trusted brand from a reputable vendor or engineer in order to reduce the chance of any unfortunate consequences.

Check-list when purchasing

If possible it is best to see the equipment operating. However, in the event this is not possible a detailed check of shaft seals and structural interfaces should be undertaken. Take advantage of any inspection ports to aid in examining the gearbox. Consulting an expert who will be able to provide advice may be a safe-way forward. A warranty, and any exceptions to it, should be discussed before any agreement to purchase is entered into.


Used gearboxes can provide benefits which are not available from brand new equipment. An example of this may be an upgraded performance and increased efficiency over the original specification. The purchase may be considered as an investment rather than a cost as it may lead to reduced maintenance costs, higher productivity and efficiency and even less power consumption. A quality gearbox will suffer lower wear levels and, in the longer-term, provide a more cost effective and productive outcome.

Kite school reservation system for kiteschools

Like any other online software, the kite school reservation system is a software that allows kite surfers to book sessions, hotels and choose tutors with access of the internet. Improvement of kite reservation system has made work easier for kite lovers. Check out how the system works.

How the kiteschool reservation system boosts the business

Many companies compete to get more clients for themselves so that they can gain more profits. For this to become reality, an upgrade is paramount. Since most of the people spend most of their time on the internet, they are bound to stick on the easy way to get their services.

As a business you pledge to reach your goals no matter the expenses. However, once you have incoporated a kite school reservation system in the business, then you have a guarantee of success. Here are some of the ways the kiteschool reservation system has changed the game.

1. Satisfying all client needs

Imagine how it was hard in the old days where it was tiresome to make your dream vacation a reality. You could take the whole day doing tasks differently, like getting a place to stay, getting the best tutors, getting time scheduled for your kite surf. However, with the kiteschool reservation system, everything has been simpler just with the click on a dashboard.

2. Fixing faultiness in management

Man has always been a victim to error. It is normal that a company that uses manual operations through employees can often make mistakes. On the other hand, an automated reservation system can do a better job since it has lesser mistakes.

3. The business will have a cool and scalable look

What a great feeling it can be for you when you find a great animated dashboard that offers sessions of your hobby? With a dashboard that has appropriate animations and well programmed, it is a guarantee to attract more clients. People usually judge what they see in first sight. It will be beneficial for the business to adopt a reservation system.

The two person lounge chair outdoor

Do you like spending some quality time outdoors chilling by the swimming pool or simply sun bathing? If this is how you like to relax, then a two person lounge chair outdoor design will suit you best.

Fashionable comfort, coziness, and luxury seem to be the greatest living trend of our time, so hop on the trendy train and get yourself this elegant lounge chair.

two person lounge chair outdoor

Product description

The two person lounge chair outdoor product has ground and braided stainless stell. The feature allows suspension of the frame in a pleasant manner.

The chair is spacious and wide, allowing you to decorate it with as many colorful pillows as possible. Bring out your taste and personality by decorating it with attractive cushions.

Review and experience

Many people were pleased with the lounge chair especially when it was upgraded in a way that could allow people to customize the product. You can now add your name or brand logo on the lounge chair. Depending on your personal wishes, you can request for an image, word, slogan, or anything else to be embroidered on the chair.

Get this amazing product today.

Features of a Luxury daybed

Luxury daybed are unique in many ways, and some of them don’t even cost much. As long as you know what to look for, finding the best daybed should not be a problem. Are you looking to buy a modern daybed? Then this post might be of interest.

Exquisite Design 

You should not expect to find a luxury daybed from a dealer who doesn’t understand the products. The beds should be unique and attractively designed. Whether online or offline, you will see that they have additional features that are not common with other items in the same category. 

Highly Comfortable 

The reason you are looking for a daybed is to stay as comfortable as possible. Despite the size and colour that you purchase, the bed should be designed to in a way that you can stay on it for several hours without feeling pain on any muscle.

outdoor daybed

Fairly Affordable

Since we are talking about luxury, you should not expect something that is very easily affordable. The fact is that if you find such a product, you would doubt if it is really a luxury outdoor bed. Therefore, most of these items tend to cost a little more, but should still be fairly affordable.

Different reasons to fly with pasajes aereos

Think about your next destination and they will help you find the best air tickets at the best price available. So that you can visit the exciting and exotic places like Peru and Argentina and arrive at such a destination with the maximum amount of comfort. These are just some of the reasons to fly with Pasajes aéreos, don’t you think so? These places you want to fly to have beautiful and exciting destinations that you can visit. And in turn travel with the best airlines and reach the best airports with international air tickets at the best price. Read more about this below. Use their search function to find your next best flight. From Latin America or to Lantin America. Pasajes aéreos have all the flights and all the airlines available. After comparing all the flights, you can choose the one that is perfect for you. Book it, and enjoy your amazing vacation. 

Why you should go for cheap air tickets

We know that you always want economy, but also quality, and this is one of the details that they have in mind. Pasajes aéreos does this to give you the best options available, once you decide to travel to peru. They will always try to provide you with the cheapest tickets available. This is one of the many reasons to choose this company as a starting point for your unforgettable vacation to one of the many countries in Latin America. Don’t hesitate and book your vacation today!

Deburring aluminum

Deburring aluminium comes in very handy, especially in the finishing touches of mostly metal products. It ensures the product is smooth and free of any scale or uneven edges. The process also ensures that the product is ready for the next step, like painting or branding.

Deburring aluminium made easy by Q-FIN.

At Q-FIN, innovation is truly in their blood. With their innovations streaming in every time, you are sure to get the best finishing machines right here. Q-FIN’s goal is to ensure that the client is happy. That is why they have machines that work faster and better.
The machines ensure quality finishing on metal parts and extraction of dust. Additionally, their machines are incorporated with correct proportions of force, speed, and abrasive material.

Deburring machines at Q-FIN

If you are an operator and you like variety, then look no further. Q-FIN has quite a range of machines. The machine sets include:
• The ultimate set
With this set, you can debar any sheet metal parts from 10 to 1200 mm comprehensively.

• The superior set
It’s effortless to use a very useful set.

• SER600 Set
With this, you can apply a radius of 2mm on steel. It also has magnetic support.

• The Pro set.
It’s a professional set for any deburring task. It also has a wet operating extractor.

Those are just some finishing machines you can use to debar any aluminium surface. Vis