African shea butter

African Shea Butter

The African Shea Butter is a unique product that is produced from the nuts of a Shea-Karite plant that is found in Africa. The plant bears fruits that are rich in irremovable fatty acids. The irremovable fatty acid is what makes the Shea Butter unique and provides it with its characteristic healing abilities.

How Can You Store Shea Butter?

You don’t need to worry about storing Shea Butter because it does not require refrigeration. You simply need to store it in a cool place. However, with time, perhaps for two-three years, the Shea Butter may start losing some of its healing properties. Despite the healing properties becoming weak with time, Shea Butter retains its moistening abilities.

African shea butter

What are the Benefits of Shea Butter?

The African Shea Butter is a powerful product that can offer you relief from nearly any skin disease, starting with dry skin to many other skin problems. Shea Butter has been clinically tested and found to offer various benefits like moistening your body and face, reduction of skin blemishes and scarring, restoring skin elasticity, and giving you an even skin tone among other benefits.

Shea Butter also nurtures your skin with Vitamins F, A, and E whereby Vitamins E and A assist in maintaining your skin and keeping it healthy, particularly if your skin is damaged by the sun. They also assist in preventing premature facial lining and wrinkles from forming. Similarly, Vitamin F provides you with skin protection and revitalizer properties that help soothe rough and dry skin.

African shea butter

Shea Butter also moistens dry or damaged hair starting from its roots up to the tips. It absorbs very fast and entirely into your scalp to remoisten without blocking your hair pores. It is specifically helpful for heat-treated hair. It is a perfect treatment for dry scalp and it reinstates luster to destroyed hair.